MEBIS Dubai 2021

1-2 March 2021
Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Summit Agenda

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» Day 1 - 1st March 2021

» Day 2 - 2nd March 2021

Day 1 - 1st March 2021
08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:10


09:10 - 09:20

Welcome Address

09:20 - 09:40

Leading in an Age of Uncertainty – Are Banks in the Middle East Balancing Stability & Innovation?

  • Adapting quickly to changing competitive conditions - What does it take for the banking industry to stay agile, innovative and productive?
  • Defining successful innovation & meeting customers’ ‘needs’ – Are banking leaders equipped to deal with constant disruptions whilst retaining focus on the customer?
  • Being the enabler & disruptor – adapting to changing customer demands and competitor behaviour
09:40 - 10:00

Embracing FinTech – Driving the Evolution of Superior Customer Experience

  • Accelerating innovation: how can banks embrace collaboration in working with fintechs & other technology vendors to build new solutions?
  • How are challenger banks & neo banks using cutting-edge digital neurology & AI to communicate with their digital-first demographic?
  • Key takeaways & lessons learnt from neo banks & challenger banks for delivering a better customer experience
10:00 - 10:20

The Secret Recipe for Better Banking – How Automation is Driving Digital Transformation

  • Understanding what tasks can be automated – enabling bankers to invest in productivity & focus on action leading to a real impact
  • Exploring human interactions with technology – why do people need to work like robots OR why do robots need to start behaving like humans?
  • Harnessing the power of automation – how banks can take a strategic approach to automate processes allowing their workforces to focus on high-value tasks & projects
10:20 - 10:40

Cyber Resilience in the Cloud – Security Measures for the Banking Industry Whilst Migrating

  • Banks in the Middle East have started to embrace the move to cloud – who’s responsible for securing financial data though?
  • Understanding the risk of experimenting with financial data – do Middle Eastern banks have a robust cyber-security system in place?
  • Retention of human capital & key-skills during a crisis – finding new methods to utilise resources more effectively
10:40 - 11:00

No Card & No Password: No Problem – The Future of Biometric Banking

  • Your customer is the new password – do Middle Eastern banks have the technology to simplify ‘Digital Onboarding’?
  • Understanding the new standards for trust & security being offered to customers in comparison to regulations that the banking industry has to comply with
  • Biometrics & mobile devices – how are technology providers & banking experts ensuring that the future of authentication is convenient yet secure
11:00 - 11:30


11:30 - 12:10

Interactive Panel Discussion: The Role of the CIO in Today’s Digitally Disrupted Banking Environment

  • Addressing the continual challenge – how CIOs are constantly tasked with responsibilities and how are they prepared to execute strategies that steers growth and success of the organisation?
  • How has digitisation changed the mandate for CIOs? Getting it right with hiring the best talent, inspiring a culture of high performance and staying ahead of the competition
  • Are today’s CIOs up to date in adapting new technologies that is fundamentally reshaping the IT ecosystem in the financial sector?
12:10 - 12:30

AI – The Disruptor & the Transformer

  • Exploring how AI will soon become the nerve centre for the banking industry & enable Middle Eastern banks to provide more value to its customers
  • Using AI to help deliver hyper-personalised CX, improved decision-making & boosting operational efficiency
  • Bridging the skill gap – why banks must invest time & resources in re-skilling the workforce to get the best of AI
12:30 - 13:10

Interactive Panel Discussion: Data & Analytics: Why Data Monetization is More than Just a Revenue Stream

  • Going about data monetization and exploring how banking leaders are incorporating these strategies into their business processes – understanding what are the obstacles to overcome this in the Middle East?
  • What’s the best method to capture data & analytics of customers here in the Middle East? Do customers understand that sharing their data might benefit them? Do banks understand how it could improve their service offerings to customers?
  • Can customer data & analytics allow banks to ‘think’ from the customers’ shoes? Can adopting this strategy benefit all parties whilst encouraging trust & loyalty?
13:10 - 13:30

Beyond Digital: Data-Driven strategies for Next-Gen Banks

  • Data-led organisations - How important is it to build data into the blueprint for both digital & traditional banks?
  • Developing new & improved value propositions for customers in a digital era
  • The future of banking ecosystems: Seizing the data advantage
13:30 - 14:30


14:30 - 15:10

Interactive Panel Discussion: Retail Banking - Threats & Opportunities with Digital Banks Entering the Retail Segment

  • Are we catering to the changing demands of retail customers in the Middle East? What strategies are we adopting in order to address the needs of the changing customer profile?
  • To what extent is the entrance of non-financial digital players
  • To what extent is the entrance of non-financial digital players such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon perceived as a threat? What are the opportunities available for partnership with the digital giants?
  • How can investment in technology help to keep the balance between digitization and human touch in the retail banking space?
15:10 - 15:30

The Growth of Customer Data Platforms – Delivering Cross Channel Personalization

  • The new gateway to improved CX is CDP - what are the benefits of investing in a CDP and how does it result in improving customer lifetime value?
  • Are CDP’s giving banks a 360-degree view that is necessary for enhancing customer experience?
  • Building trust during times of uncertainty - how CDP’s help build customer trust and provide one-to-one engagement when in-person interactions are limited?
15:30 - 15:50

Financial Data Visualization: Communicating Data Insight Across the Enterprise

  • How can data visualization help correlate metrics, reveal connections and clarify actions needed to improve banking performance?
  • Exploring technologies available to support the creation of compelling visualizations that can explain complex concepts and present compelling stories
  • What can banks do to enhance their team’s data visualization skills?
15:50 - 16:00


Day 2 - 2nd March 2021
08:30 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:10


09:10 - 09:30

The Future of Payments 2020

  • Exploring the Middle East’s pathway to a cashless economy – addressing the growing popularity of mobile payments & e-payments
  • Reinventing loyalty in financial services given the rise of Gen Z
  • Differentiating from your competitors & getting it right – UX & Rewards is the new gold
09:30 - 09:50

Innovation in Islamic Banking - Driving Shariah-Compliant Financial Services into the Digital Age

  • Understanding the importance of innovation – maintaining Shariah compliance whilst adopting new technologies
  • How is the Islamic FinTech landscape developing? Will traditional Islamic banks be impacted too?
  • Taking Islamic banking to the next level with innovative financial services like automated money transfer, crowdfunding & digital banking supported by AI & robotics
09:50 - 10:10

BLOCKCHAIN STRATEGY 2021 – Plotting the Journey to the Future of Finance

  • KYC – Using advanced blockchain technologies to facilitate a fast & secure onboarding process
  • Enabling the promise of a digital tomorrow – offering better services to customers whilst fulfilling regulatory obligations
  • Transforming the potential of blockchain into reality – Create, Protect & Generate
10:10 - 10:30

Adoption & Execution of Cloud Technologies in the Middle East: Myth vs. Reality

  • Exploring a holistic cloud transformation strategy – how can banks get the full value from moving to cloud?
  • Understanding benefits & barriers of the ‘lift & shift’ method
  • Can moving to the cloud support banks in creating next-generation IT capabilities enabling business growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving digital era?
10:30 - 11:10

Interactive Panel Discussion: The 21st Century CMO – Navigating Complexities in Today’s Banking & Financial Services Industry

  • How important is it for a CMO to be prepared and assume multiple roles in helping drive their organization to success?
  • Advancing marketing innovation and aligning the organisation around customer centricity
  • What is today’s CMO doing different? Is there a success formula in creating hyper relevant experiences that resonate with a bank’s target customers?
11:10 - 11:40


11:40 - 12:20

Interactive Panel Discussion: Better Late than Never - Embracing Digital Transformation & Making Sense of the Disruption

  • Digitize or Die – Turning disruption to innovation
  • With digital users set to increase rapidly over the coming years what are banks and banking leaders doing to win the digital transformation race?
  • Cultural transformation at your bank – can forward looking leadership work hand in hand with talent & a risk-tolerant culture?
12:20 - 12:50

The Evolving Role of AI & Chatbots – The New Wave of Conversational Banking

  • Virtual Assistants & Chatbots – offering millennial customers a new way to engage with their bank to get quick information and insights
  • What do customers in the Middle East expect from intelligent banking bots and how do their expectations compare to the current reality in the region?
  • How can chatbots be utilized within contact centres to automate repetitive, time consuming tasks and subsequently improve departmental performance?
12:50 - 13:10

Innovation Anticipated: Fraud, AML & Financial Crimes

  • How can innovation in technology help mitigate some of these risks and allow human effort to be redeployed in revenue generating roles?
  • Why departments within banks need to break silos to establish a common goal & prevent financial crime?
  • Aligning people & processes is key - how an integrated & holistic approach will help banks identify & respond to attacks
13:10 - 13:30

Omnichannel UX – What’s Connecting Banks With Users Right Now

  • What are banks doing differently to engage with their customers in this digital era?
  • Omni-channel OR Opti-channel - Integrating & optimizing tools to ensure a seamless experience across devices both digital & offline
  • How omnichannel banking platforms helps improve daily banking operations & improve experiences at different stages of customer lifecycle?
13:30 - 14:30


14:30 - 14:50

The Power of Social Media in Banking – Finding Innovative Ways of Connecting to People and Communities

  • Why are some banks still finding it difficult to identify and engage with their audience?
  • With consumers in the Middle East now following a mobile-first and omnichannel mindset, why is there not a bigger push towards marketing on social channels?
  • How can banks use social media to deliver targeted & relevant product marketing yet drive intangible value in terms of customer loyalty and retention?
14:50 - 15:10

Driving Innovation in Corporate Banking – Understanding the Growing Impact of Technology in the Banking Industry

  • The introduction of new technologies and fintech-led innovation has affected the corporate banking sector in the Middle East - has prioritizing a digital strategy helped?
  • How smart banks see new technologies like AI, IoT & bots as opportunities & how are they reviewing their strategies for success?
  • How have corporate banking clients evolved? What are the major differences to that of retail banking clients? Are there lessons to be shared & learnt?
15:10 - 15:30

Delivering Safe & Secure Transactions – QA & Software Testing Play a Vital Role in Assuring the Quality of Banking Applications

  • End-to-end performance testing for delivering great customer experiences
  • Why banking applications cannot fail security testing – exploring how banks protect & provide a secure environment for customer transactions
  • Identifying the right testing & QA partner for delivering a seamless experience
15:30 - 15:50

Enhancing Regulatory Processes: An Overhaul of Regulations to Boost FinTech Activities in the Middle East

  • Regulatory standards in the Middle East – addressing the growing focus on regulation & compliance
  • How are government entities pushing for increased use of technology as part of improvements in regulatory compliance?
  • RegTech 3.0 – Utilizing new technology to comply with existing & future regulatory requirements
15:50 - 16:00


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1-2 March 2021

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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