15-16 September 2021
Le Méridien Dubai Conference Centre
United Arab Emirates

Summit Agenda

Day 1 - 15th September 2021

08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:15


09:15 - 09:20

Welcome Address by Diamond Sponsor

Przemysław Drzymała, EVP of Global Sales, EMEA, Financial Services Division, Comarch

Przemysław Drzymała

09:20 - 09:40

FIRESIDE CHAT: Fostering Digital Culture – Rethinking the Traditional Banking Business Model

  • Digitizing your banking business – something for the wish-list or is it a must-have?
  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated plans and forced your hand?
  • How did you tackle key roadblocks? Cultural shifts, declining budgets, learning & training
  • Influencing customer decisions with digital touchpoints? Gaining leverage with multi-channel customer decision journeys [The UAE’s rate of internet penetration sits at 99.15% as of 2019, World Bank Data]

Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta, Head of Markets, Digital, VC/FinTech, Abu Dhabi Global Market
Elissar Farah Antonios, Chief Executive Officer UAE - Head of MENA Cluster, Citi

Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta
Elissar Farah Antonios

09:40 - 10:00

Wealth Management in this Advanced Digital Era

  • Overview of future strategy and understanding what is transformation in wealth - market trends in transformation in wealth and beyond
  • Adoption of technology to use digital channels - interpreting how Mashreq transformed virtual communication with wealthy clients using technology
  • Challenges during COVID and how Mashreq managed to serve clients remotely?
  • Transforming the customer journeys and experience during COVID using CWM - why is it strategically important to focus more on private banking now as never before?

Manikandan Ramasamy, Digital Transformation Consultant - Banking, Comarch
Mufazzal Kajiji, Head of Mashreq Gold and Executive Vice President, Mashreq Bank

Manikandan Ramasamy
Mufazzal Kajiji

10:00 - 10:20

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls while Building AI-Powered Organizations

  • How to setup AI initiatives for success
  • Considerations to organize AI for scale
  • Areas to focus to increase adoption and change

Celal Kavuklu, Director, Customer Advisory - Middle East & Africa, SAS

Celal Kavuklu

10:20 - 10:30

Banking 2030 – Pathways to Perseverance

The banking industry is being disrupted to the core from all sides!  Join me to discuss ways & means that banks can put essential technology elements in place now to ensure their future will be utopian as opposed to dystopian!


Vijay Jaswal, CTO - Middle East & Turkey, Software AG

Vijay Jaswal

10:30 - 11:10


11:10 - 11:40

PANEL DISCUSSION: Future of Branch Banking

  • Since the advent of Covid-19, bank branch transactions have reduced 30-40% globally. There are banks who had heavily invested in building a large branch network who are now converting their branches from point of sales to high value customer engagement. So, what is going to be the future?
  • Understanding the endless possibilities of converting the branch around ecosystem partnership which will take branches to customer’s touch points in a seamless manner with partner systems
  • Exploring emerging opportunities in shared branching which facilitates multiple banks to give customers convenient locations to perform transactions of their choice
  • How can banks embrace this change, reimagine customer experience, and be innovative in the application of technology for customer interaction channels?
  • Analyze how TCS is being a true growth & transformation partner for its customer through Business 4.0 transformation levers in bank branch re-imagination

Noman Rasheed, Head of Information Technology, Dubai Islamic Bank
Prasad Mopidevi, Chief Technology Officer, Commercial Bank of Dubai
Sanjay Khanna, Chief Information Officer, RAKBANK
Sumanta Roy, VP & Regional Head - MEA, Tata Consultancy Services

Noman Rasheed
Prasad Mopidevi
Sanjay Khanna
Sumanta Roy

11:40 - 11:50

Future proofed banking: Driving Customer Loyalty with Automated, Connected Experiences

  • Fixing fragmentation in the middle- and back-office to deliver seamless customer experience
  • How the world’s largest banks are using data-driven automation to out-perform RPA
  • The platform multiplier effect – how to make 1 + 1 + 1 = 5


Jake Parsons, Financial Services Lead - GCC, ServiceNow

Jake Parsons

11:50 - 12:30

CXO PANEL DISCUSSION: The CXO's Role in Transforming Traditional Banks to Tech-Driven Financial Powerhouses

  • Analyzing the invisible divide between a tech company vs. a next generation digital bank – how does the CXO steer investments into going digital-first? Is the business case promising enough?
  • Extending influence beyond the C-suite: exploring the role CXOs have played in helping their enterprises weather the impact of the pandemic
  • How has digitization changed the mandate for CXOs? Powering the talent engine, inspiring a culture of high performance & staying ahead of the curve
  • Overcoming the excuse of regulation as an excuse not to innovate – how can banks as traditional players be as efficient, secure, accessible and cost-effective as the competition?



Ayman AlQudsi, Chief Information Officer, United Arab Bank
Carlos Teixeira, Senior Industry Principal, Finastra
Rashed AlOthman, Chief Information Officer, Riyad Bank
Sanjay Khanna, Chief Information Officer, RAKBANK
Stefan Kimmel, Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

Ayman AlQudsi
Carlos Teixeira
Rashed AlOthman
Sanjay Khanna
Stefan Kimmel

12:30 - 12:40

Alternative Yield Opportunities in Private Markets

Benedikt Rieger, Partner, Pactum AG

Benedikt Rieger

12:40 - 12:50

Transforming the Future of Banking with Low Code

  • Driving innovation and agility using a digital transformation platform with low code capability
  • Developing a connected banking framework for financial institutions, thereby enabling end-to-end customer journeys, and creating a boundaryless ecosystem
  • Leveraging one single platform to bridge silos and address current banking challenges

Prashant Sahai, Vice President - MENA, Newgen Software

Prashant Sahai

12:50 - 13:30

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) PANEL DISCUSSION: Creating Business Value by Unlocking Asset Potential

  • Driving digital change across your enterprise during a pandemic – personal experiences and success stories
  • Exploring recent shifts in customer behavior and business-model opportunities – understanding their implications on the digital / technological choices available at hand
  • Deriving untapped value from enterprise data, ecosystem collaborations & platforms
  • How is the role of the CDO expected to evolve? Trend predictions for the year ahead
  • Conveying the customer’s perspective to the C-suite & emphasizing on design-thinking principles to prepare for the next normal and helping engage with customers today

Aditya Baswan, Vice President - Head of Governance, Agile Transformation, First Abu Dhabi Bank
Jameel Khan, SVP – Digital & Innovation, Corporate & Investment Bank, Mashreq Bank
Maisa J Shunnar, Group Chief Digital Transformation, National Bank of Bahrain
Tuncay Tuncer, Group Executive Director, Online, Mobile & Head of Digital Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
Vikram Sandhu, Vice President - Digital, Emirates NBD
William Perry, Head of Financial Services, EMEA, Medallia

Aditya Baswan
Jameel Khan
Maisa J Shunnar
Tuncay Tuncer
Vikram Sandhu
William Perry

13:30 - 13:50

Accurate Data in Sub-seconds for Better Informed Decisions


Abboud Girgi Ghanem, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Incorta

Abboud Girgi Ghanem

13:50 - 14:00

Address by Lunch Sponsor

Shabil Basheer, Sales Engineer, ESET Middle East

Shabil Basheer

14:00 - 14:10


14:10 - 15:10


Day 2 - 16th September 2021

07:45 - 08:20


08:20 - 08:30


08:30 - 08:50

PANEL DISCUSSION: MENA Open Banking Revolution

  • What will Open Banking bring to the region? What does it mean for Banks, FinTechs and most importantly the Customer
  • The main FinTech business models that banks globally are adopting as a result of Open Banking
  • Sharing the pie with big-tech, FinTech and partners - what’s the way forward.  And do banks even have a choice?
  • Is the region ready for the Open Banking revolution - How can we gauge the maturity of the ecosystem?

Gavin Payne, Head of FABRIC (Research & Innovation Center), First Abu Dhabi Bank
Olivier Crespin, CEO, Zand
Richie Santosdiaz, Economic Development Advisor, The Fintech Times & Fintech Power 50

Gavin Payne
Olivier Crespin
Richie Santosdiaz

08:50 - 09:00

Protecting Data and all Paths to it

  • Secure strategies for next generation digital banks - insights into edge, application and data security to protect your sensitive data.
  • Create a layered security plan to protect from increasingly sophisticated  attacks on financial applications
  • Gain a competitive edge in your journey to the cloud


Bivin Babu, Senior Sales Engineer, Imperva

Bivin Babu

09:00 - 09:40


The Future of Payments – Redefining the Movement of Money

  • Digital & instant payments – has the pandemic changed remittance customer behaviors?
  • CBDC use cases to reimagine domestic & cross-border payment systems – is the efficacy & reduction in costs making it worthwhile?
  • Processing cards payments in the cloud – simple APIs with direct card network integration for a seamless experience: can this stack replace legacy systems & manage compliance?
  • Traditional banks taking on the payments innovation business – how to level the uneven playing field with competition from big tech (Apple, Google) & payments specialists (Paypal, Stripe)?
  • With the expected global total digital payments transaction volume jumping from $6.69 trillion in 2021 to $10.52 trillion in 2025 (Statista), what’s in store for digital payments here in the MENA region?

Abhishek Saha, SVP - Head of Cards, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Andrew Foulds, Director of Global Clearings - EMEA Product Management, Fiserv
Dave Aldred, Managing Director, Treasury & Trade Head - MENA, Pakistan & Turkey, Citi
Kartik Taneja, Executive Vice President - Head of Payments, Mashreq Bank
Qasim Zuberi, Head of Digital Banking & Payments, United Arab Bank

Abhishek Saha
Andrew Foulds
Dave Aldred
Kartik Taneja
Qasim Zuberi

09:40 - 09:50

Supercharging the Banking Ecosystem with Scable & Agile Infrastructures

  • Enabling your enterprise to personalize intelligent offers & smart servicing within omnichannel journeys across platforms / partner eco-systems
  • Outlining the next steps in the efficiency game for banks to deliver better user experiences
  • Seamless customer experience – vertical integration of processes & platforms on the world's leading CRM for financial services


Omar Faiz, Financial Services Lead - Middle East, Salesforce

Omar Faiz

09:50 - 10:30


Harnessing the Power of Big Data Analytics & AI to Pioneer Intelligent Banking – The New Digital Frontier

  • Driving revenue growth by tapping into in-house enterprise data – can customer demographics & behavior pave the path forward for new products?
  • The case for hyper-personalized banking – is there room to scale & is there market interest?
  • Going mainstream with data analytics and mature AI capabilities – accelerated digitalization leveraging the ecosystem & platform players
  • Bringing speed & execution to the table – how to bring the right people, culture & capability to your enterprise?

Abdul Rehman Parkar, Head Data Management & Advance Analytics, Dubai Islamic Bank
Alok Gupta, Regional Head of Compliance Analytics, Global Risk Analytics, HSBC
Jagadeshwaran K., Managing Director - Treasury & Trade Solutions, MENAPT, Transaction Services, Citi
Omar Akkor, Senior Director, Head of Transformation & Innovation, Moody's Analytics
Sridhar K, Group Head of Operations, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Syed Mohammad Ali Naqvi, Head of AI, Data & Analytics, Al Hilal Bank

Abdul Rehman Parkar
Alok Gupta
Jagadeshwaran K.
Omar Akkor
Sridhar K
Syed Mohammad Ali Naqvi

10:30 - 11:00


11:00 - 11:20

FIRESIDE CHAT: Embracing Disruption in the MENA Banking Industry

  • Digital banks, neobanks, big-tech, fintech, digital lenders, superapps – why does everyone want a slice of the banking & financial services pie?
  • How does the ‘Bring It To Me’ economy brought on by the pandemic differ & what digital steroids can help transform your IT platform?
  • ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ – knowing that fintechs have limits & pioneering with open banking platforms

Dr. Bernd van Linder, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)
Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta, Head of Markets, Digital, VC/FinTech, Abu Dhabi Global Market

Dr. Bernd van Linder
Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta

11:20 - 11:40

Designing Great Customer Experiences in Banking

  • The process of creating great customer experiences in the banking industry.
  • What are key business challenges that banks are facing associated to the different types of data they have to deal with

Ernesto Schmitz, Banking Transformation Lead Financial Services, SAP

Ernesto Schmitz

11:40 - 12:20

Chief Marketing Officer PANEL DISCUSSION:

Building Digital Marketing Dominance for the MENA Region

  • How can your enterprise engage, acquire and retain customers whilst maintaining the highest levels of satisfaction by studying behavioral DNA?
  • Delivering superior customer experience across omni-channel – how to bring about brand loyalty in today’s era of digital banking?
  • Digital marketing toolkit – how effective is segmenting, targeting & personalization at your enterprise? Is Machine Automation & AI an effective tool for Middle East business?
  • Engagement & experience – offering value by increasing your digital footprint & presence
  • Exploring the martech ecosystem for complex customer journeys, fulfilling compliance & enterprise integration

Benazir Poonawala, SVP - Head of Marketing Retail Banking Group, Mashreq Bank
Manal Meshal, Head of Marketing, Ahli United Bank
Mohamed AlTajer, Chairman - Advisory Board, former Head of Marketing at The National Bank of Kuwait, CMO Council
Petr Klimes, Global Head of Marketing, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Tharish Thahar, Business Development Manager – UAE & GCC, Comarch

Benazir Poonawala
Manal Meshal
Mohamed AlTajer
Petr Klimes
Tharish Thahar

12:20 - 13:00

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) PANEL DISCUSSION:

Boosting Cyber Resilience for Digital Banking

  • Exploring the accelerated shift to online spending & communications – have cybercrime levels risen with the onset of the pandemic? Has the exponential growth in traffic to high-risk merchant categories redefined fraud patterns in the Middle East?
  • Has protecting hybrid infrastructure become more challenging? Exploring security best-practices with cloud-native & serverless infrastructure – how to safeguard your enterprise against attackers who thrive on exploiting complex networks?
  • Removing vulnerabilities & securing remote work – what’s your take on employee education & incident response techniques with continued ‘Work From Home’ policies in effect?
  • Advanced threat analysis & prediction capabilities with AI – how to prevent sophisticated phishing scams, digital identity theft/fraud, malware/ransomware before it even happens? How to leverage new innovations at your enterprise?

Hussein Shafik Bahgat, Regional Chief Information Security Officer - MEA, Standard Chartered Bank
Ali Othman, Head of Business Information Security Management, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Jonathan Somers, Regional Director MEA, NetGuardians
Parthasarathy P., EVP - Group Chief Information Security Office, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)
Sultan Altukhaim, Chief Information Security Officer, The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB)

Hussein Shafik Bahgat
Ali Othman
Jonathan Somers
Parthasarathy P.
Sultan Altukhaim

13:00 - 13:10

Address by Pearl Sponsor

Arvind Kalla, Business Head - Middle East, ValueFirst

Arvind Kalla

13:10 - 14:00


14:00 - 14:10


14:10 - 15:10


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