MEBIS Dubai 2022

25-26 May 2022
Le Méridien Dubai Conference Centre UAE

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Lending of tomorrow: banks need to work harder to stay relevant

We are living in the era of personalization where customer demand for personalized services, which are designed as per their needs. Fintech and challengers’ banks have not only created digital platforms but have also re-imagined the entire banking experience from their customers’ perspective and built their business model around it. In this white paper we explore fast evolving lending landscape and identify the key aspects that Banks & Lending institutions must consider integral to their digital transformation strategy.


Transform Your Banking Organization into an Intelligent Enterprise

With the Intelligent Enterprise framework, SAP provides integrated applications, intelligent technologies, and a digital platform to enable banks to better serve current customers and reach the underbanked to support financial inclusion.


Deliver Value in Three Areas of Finance

Machine learning can deliver immediate value - especially when it’s automated. All that’s left is to identify a few areas to get started. Here are three areas in your finance department that you can start with today.


Top 7 considerations when moving to Cloud

Many banking businesses are gaining enough confidence to begin their cloud journey. Temenos Banking Cloud presents 7 essential considerations to help with your transition to cloud.


Transform banking.Transform core

As the world enters the cloud generation, mainframe-based banking platforms are nearing an evolutionary dead end. Slowly but surely, the bank’s entire technology ecosystem – from the programming languages, the operating systems, the hardware, to the way their IT organisations operate – will all be in need of modernisation. The situation is worsened by the shrinking talent pool needed to keep the legacy systems alive.


EVAM - Introduction Whitepaper

Being aware of serious events in real-time and taking actions accordingly can save financial services companies from diving into a big crisis. Find out how EVAM can transform complex large organizations into the post-digital age and answer the omnichannel – real-time – contextual marketing needs using our state-of-the-art event processing engine and real-time machine learning capabilities.


Core Banking Modernization

An essential passage for sustainable and successful transformation offering next-generation products and services. Driven by cost optimization and efficient operations, accelerated time to market innovative products, with ultra-personalization meeting client expectation through customer centricity ensuring consistent journey across the ecosystem.


Logical Data Fabric for Banking Industry

As today’s data management landscape becomes increasingly complex, it is difficult to offer a unified view of the data to business applications, and to guarantee that governance policies and rules are enforced across the data delivery chain. The logical data fabric is a vision of a unified data delivery platform that solves today’s most complex data management problems.


The Power of Monty Mobile’s Omnichannel

After a case study conducted on a nationwide retailer with over 220 stores, it was found that using the WhatsApp communication channel for its business guaranteed customer satisfaction and allowed the retailer to improve its client’s message deliverability rates and reduce contact center costs by 15 times compared to using toll-free numbers.


Onboarding is the Foundation of Digital Transformation

Onboarding is the most pivotal point in the customer journey: it's when prospects become customers. So why is the experience still a major source of friction for many financial institutions? Find out how to provide better onboarding in this comprehensive guide.


Wealth Management 10 digital trends set to shape the Middle East by 2025

Summary: Based on additiv’s conversations with financial institutions and other industry experts within the region, this paper reviews ten emerging key digital trends in wealth management set to shape the industry by 2025.


The 4 Cs of Core Banking

The 4 Cs of Core Banking" report penned by Cedar Management Consulting and IBS Intelligence delves into the intricacies of core banking modernisation and takes a look at banking technology trends in the Middle East.

As financial institutions embark on the journey of digital transformation, they must keep in mind Customer, Collaboration, Cloud, and Cost - the key drivers for core banking modernisation.


Emerging Technologies in AML-CFT Compliance

This whitepaper explores the potential of emerging technologies in the financial world for the purpose of enhancing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) compliance efforts. Digital transformation and increasingly demanding regulatory requirements in the financial ecosystem caused an increment in the number and volume of the financial crimes which in turn peaked the AML costs for the financial institutions. The new automated technologies such as AI, ML, DLT, e-KYC and APIs offer many advantages in analyzing big data faster and in providing a safer digital environment. The use areas of the emerging technologies together with their pros and cons are discussed in detail in this paper in order to provide a holistic approach to the concept.


Innovate, Transform and Improve your Client Experience

State-of-the-art technology with Artificial Intelligence to elevate the customer experience while keeping a close control of your key indicators.



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25-26 May 2022

Le Méridien Dubai Conference Centre UAE



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