MEBIS Dubai 2023

17-18 May 2023
Jumeirah Emirates Towers
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


White Papers


IBM IBV: 2023 Chief Data Officer Report - Turning data into value

3,000 Chief Data Officers surveyed. Just 8% are spending, on average, millions less for equal or greater annual revenue growth.

Find out how CDO Value Creators do what they do.


Roadmap to Digital Lending

While traditional lenders focus on adding a ‘digital flavour’ to their banking services by providing online, paperless, and multi-channel services, customer expectations are shifting further and highlighting the need for transformation in the banking industry. Explore three easy steps to digitally transform financial services in the new digital.


How to build a Logical Data Fabric for your organization?

The logical data fabric is a solution for complex data management problems, offering a unified platform for data delivery and enforcing governance policies across the chain. This whitepaper explains what a data fabric is, different implementation approaches, what makes up a logical data fabric, and its key benefits.


IBM IBV: 2023 Global Outlook for Banking and Financial Markets

Global uncertainty is sure to remain in 2023. But what might an agile business response look like for banks and other financial institutions?
It involves multiple factors, but exponential technologies like hybrid cloud and AI play a key role.

Download the study to learn more


Evolutionary organizations reimagine the future

Across all industries, organizations are facing relentless customer, market, geopolitical, and technology change. In response, most are dedicating a huge amount of time and resources to discrete digital transformation initiatives - but few are seeing the results and ROI they really want.
In this MIT Technology Review Insights report - created in collaboration with Thoughtworks — we unpack survey results from 275 corporate leaders to see how they’re approaching digital transformation today and the obstacles in their way. The report reveals why digital transformation takes more than just implementing new technology, and why organizations need to broaden their lens on change and develop new core capabilities to become evolutionary organizations.


Transform banking.Transform core

As the world enters the cloud generation, mainframe-based banking platforms are nearing an evolutionary dead end. Slowly but surely, the bank’s entire technology ecosystem – from the programming languages, the operating systems, the hardware, to the way their IT organisations operate – will all be in need of modernisation. The situation is worsened by the shrinking talent pool needed to keep the legacy systems alive.


Hurdles to accelerating banking transformation: Be a bank that turns challenges into catalysts

How do banks with healthier financial performance accelerate digital transformation? The IBV, in collaboration with BIAN, interviewed 2,000 banking CIOs and CTOs worldwide to find out. This new research reveals how to:

  • Discover the core practices and capabilities that characterize healthier financial institutions
  • Execute with architectural standards on transformative hybrid cloud foundations
  • Create banking excellence with a growing ecosystem of partners.

Download this report to learn how IBM clients can excel on resilient hybrid cloud foundations.


How cloud-based data strategies are transforming the banking and payments industries

As financial institutions embark on digital transformation journeys, they’re looking to maintain a competitive edge during tough economic times and comply with highly fragmented global regulatory standards. In order to adapt to these seismic changes, banks and payment companies have looked to modernize technology and do away with data silos by turning to cloud services. A cloud data platform such as Snowflake, provides a foundation on which these companies can build a data infrastructure that provides unique insights that enable agility and growth.


IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

Know the threat to beat the threat
Cyberattacks are more prevalent, creative and faster than ever. So understanding attackers’ tactics is crucial. The IBM Security® X-Force® Threat Intelligence Index 2023 offers CISOs, security teams and business leaders actionable insights to help you understand how threat actors are waging attacks, and how to proactively protect your organization.


Ecosystem Innovation Playbook - Lessons for banks from cross-industry transformation stories

The playbook looks at reinventing business models through an ecosystem prism, focusing on four ‘families’ of models with the maximum opportunities, namely aggregators, integrators, infrastructure providers, and specialist service providers. It discusses ways in which banks can adopt these models to launch, scale and dominate, and exploit the network effect to grow the business. It also touches upon a subject that even the most successful companies have yet to master & monetize these ecosystem-based models for profit.


Kyndryl Data and AI Services for banking and finance

Put your customers at the center with personalized omnichannel services that let them choose how they interact with your business. Kyndryl end-to-end services for data and AI help you enhance governance, reduce operational risks from security and privacy issues, and ensure compliance with regulations. All this, while optimizing costs and reducing redundancies by integrating inaccessible, complex, and inconsistent data sources.


Opportunities for Blockchain Technology in Capital Markets - Updated 2023 Edition

This minibook delves into the incredible potential of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and blockchain for capital markets. It highlights the numerous benefits and use cases of DLT, discusses the evolving roles of market participants, and showcases in-production solutions that are already gaining meaningful commercial traction. This report aims to inspire enterprises by demonstrating the immense value-add brought by DLT and its boundless potential for revolutionizing capital markets.


In their own words: How CEOs are forging paths to sustainability

How are CEOs viewing sustainability within their overall business context and how are they baking it into their business? In this short report, chief executive officers shed light on both of these areas. In their own words, CEOs from a variety of industries—media and entertainment, chemicals, consumer products, and more—get real about sustainability measures and strategy.


How financial institutions are growing revenues and engaging customers with digital gold

Consumers in the Middle East are buying more gold than ever before. Data from the World Gold Council showed that consumer demand for gold in the Middle East has increased by 59% to USD $15.5 billion in the last three years, reaching its highest level since 2013.
Gold has historically been considered a safe haven asset and provided phenomenal risk-adjusted returns on a sustainable, long-term basis. Consumers are now looking for more convenient ways to invest, save, and trade in gold. Investors in predominantly Islamic markets are also looking for options in which they have access to the physical gold.
In this white paper you will:

  • Get an overview of digital gold and its value proposition for consumers
  • Learn how banks and financial institutions are generating revenue, increasing AUM, and improving customer engagement
  • Understand various gold backed use cases and products for revenue opportunities
  • Understand the various players in the ecosystem to create a secure process for consumers

Proven concepts for scaling AI From experimentation to engineering discipline

Poor, misunderstood artificial intelligence (AI). It’s alternately overhyped as a digital nirvana or vilified as a dystopian menace. Yet in the pragmatic here and now, it is neither.
Primarily, AI is a way to augment human capabilities and performance, creating better outcomes for people—customers, employees, partners, or other stakeholders—and better financial returns for businesses. Think human aid, not humanoid.
The growing adoption of AI is reflected in metrics the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) has tracked biannually since 2016.


Saudi Arabia’s Banking Sector: 2022 in Review and The Path Ahead

Despite the global economic turmoil, the GCC countries are experiencing an economic boom thanks to elevated energy prices and major global events. With a forecasted windfall of $1.4 trillion over the next five years for energy exporters, and Saudi Arabia pushing forward with its Vision 2030 initiative, the region is a bright spot in the current economic climate. The Saudi banking sector has closely mirrored the progress of the Kingdom and accordingly is very well-positioned for growth in this period of growth.


"Open Your bank to the Data" Embrace open data and establish API strategy to capitalize on the incoming wave

Learn why Open Data will bring to the scene an entire new set of data and capabilities across all the industries in our new White Paper “Open Your Bank to The Data”, where banks can leverage to improve their data models aggregating new information getting closer to consumers, and providing new solutions directly where the financial event takes place.
In this white paper you will:

  • How Open Data will create an entire open economy
  • Why collaboration between companies can improve business opportunities for all
  • Which are the new business models enabled by Open Data
  • The benefits and new capabilities Open data can provide to banks

Data Ethics and the Use of AI/ML in Financial Services: How to mitigate risks

Financial Services (FS) firms have widely adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI), and most expect to develop this further. The number of Machine Learning (ML) applications is predicted to increase by 3.5 times over the next three years.
As well as the undoubted benefits, this creates novel challenges and new risks for clients, employees and accountable managers. These risks are real and present, and FS firms must ensure mitigations are already in place to avoid inevitable client, reputational and regulatory repercussions if, and when, things go wrong.


USP, your trusted partner for Card Issuance Requirement

USP is a One-stop-shop for entire card issuance process - Card Manufacturing, Personalization, fulfilment and dispatch with KYC and verification. USP also provides Central and Instant Card Issuance Solution, along with optional managed services and click-on charges.


NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System

Automate up to 95% of all service tickets. Prevent up to 50% of network problems, dramatically reduce MTTR.


The Ultimate Guide for Banks to Seize the Next Big Moment

Banks must be able to anticipate their customers' precise needs and deliver highly personalized experiences in real time to maintain their competitiveness. Our whitepaper lets you grasp the concept of a new-generation customer journey, which caters to the millions of end-users in the banking sector.


Align your Network Operations plans with Financial Services Business

Why more financial  services organizations choose NetBrain for Network Automation


Digital Banking | Why is it becoming so important to financial organizations?

This paper presents the imperative for digital transformation in traditional banks; the rise of the fintech world; the ways to achieve digital transformation; and methods to overcome the issues and challenges involved.


Discover CCH® Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform

The CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform connects finance and operations with an extensible platform and powerful data engine. In one solution, you can complete all financial processes and access the information you need to gain better insights, make faster decisions, and drive your business in the best direction.


Maximizing Profitability: The Importance of Aligning Network Operations Plans with Financial Services Business Strategies

With NetBrain’ s advanced automation capabilities, organizations can simplify network management tasks, reduce the risk of human error, and improve compliance. By empowering IT teams with the right tools and skills, NetBrain can help organizations increase their operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and ultimately drive business success.


Understanding Loyalty & Reward Programs

Loyalty programs are crucial for companies to attract and retain customers, increase customer spending, and encourage the purchase of additional products. This white paper discusses the financial reporting and accounting for loyalty programs, understanding customer behavior and program levers, and the use of data analytics to improve actuarial models for valuing loyalty program liabilities.


Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats in the Financial Industry with Log360

The financial services industry is highly vulnerable to cyberattacks, and Log360 helps organizations stay ahead of these threats by detecting advanced threats, complying with regulatory mandates, and mitigating potential cyberattacks such as malware deployment and remote code execution. The solution automates log monitoring and threat detection, provides real-time alerts and out-of-the-box reports, and monitors and audits access to critical data to help IT security admins meet regulatory requirements.


NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation Business Value

Hybrid Cloud-Connected networks must deliver the IT services needed by the business with the right level of connectivity, performance, and security control, while minimizing the cost and risk of doing so. According to Gartner, “the limited network automation in most enterprises creates bottlenecks in provisioning, and in incident resolution, while increasing the likelihood of human errors.


KYC Guide for Fintechs

This whitepaper elaborates on a comprehensive analysis and exploration of Know Your Customer (KYC) process with its relation and echoes on the financial ecosystem and FinTechs specifically. By taking a broader approach at the beginning, the review of the KYC concept as the first and most important step of a successful customer onboarding and the components of an effective KYC process are mentioned in the first part. The importance of KYC is analyzed within the light of a newer payment trend, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) in the second chapter. Finally, an integrated approach to AML and KYC is discussed to enhance the regulatory compliance, financial industry services and customer experiences.


Revolutionizing Banking with ChatGPT

This white paper explores the potential of generative AI in lending, highlighting the benefits of using generative AI, such as increased accuracy and efficiency, and provides case studies demonstrating successful implementation in the financial industry.


Why are financial institutions choosing Couchbase’s NoSQL cloud database?

How are our customers, such as Revolut, Paypal and Citi, leveraging Couchbase’s NoSQL cloud database to modernize their architecture and lowering TCO? Delivering real-time risk management, analytics, digital banking, automated government regulatory compliance and fraud detection.


VegaPay payment wearables

VegaPay is an international company engaged in FinTech solutions and projects. It is an operator of VegaPay tokenization service that enables everyday accessories (rings, wristbands, key fobs, etc.) to be used as payment devices.


Leading European Bank Trusts Guardsquare to Ensure Mobile App Security

Learn how this world renowned financial services organization protects their information with Guardsquare's DexGuard and iXGuard.


Prioritizing Data as a Strategic Asset in Financial Services

Driving Digital Transformation with the Intelligent Data Management CloudTM for Financial Services


How to modernize core banking operations with API banking

Consumers are changing. You must become robust enough to handle all their demands. The key is to offer an ecosystem of specialized services to meet diverse needs. But how should you do it? Explore our white paper to know the details.



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17-18 May 2023

Jumeirah Emirates Towers
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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